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Ali Mohammad Baba & Sons

Ali Mohammad Baba & Sons is the leading electrical trading firm in Kashmir Valley today serving our valued customers since 1949. We are known for serving our customers with quality products from leading electrical companies in India today. Procurement of material directly from the sources enables us to give the best prices in the market.
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Ali Mohammad Baba & Sons handles distribution of all major companies in electrical industry today. Our direct service to major districts in Kashmir through our dedicated vans enables our dealers hassle free delivery with strict adherence to timely delivery of material.
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Ali Mohammad Baba & Sons is the leading electrical contractors of Jammu & Kashmir. We have done major electrical projects with leading organization like National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC), Power Development Department (PDD), Indian Railway Constructions (IRCON) and many other government and private companies.
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Alba Retail
Alba Retail intends to bring world class products to its customers across varied product categories ranging from Home Appliances to Supermarketss to Exclusive Premium Lighting Showroom and many more.
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Alba Power Private Limited
Alba Power Private Limited is the leading transformer manufacturer in Northern India. We have major installations with Jammu & Kashmir Power Development Department, Rajasthan Electricity Board, National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC), Indian Railway Constructions (IRCON). We have successfully supplied transformers up to 10000 kVA and overhauled up to a range of 20000 kVA. We have also exported our transformers outside India.
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Alba Electrochemical Industries
The wires and cables manufactured at Alba are 100% copper which go through stringent manufacturing techniques with all kinds of quality tests before finally selling out in the markets. We are the only ISI marked wires and cable manufacturer in Kashmir Valley today.
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Alba Cable & Control Industries
The Decorative & Steel tabular poles help you to light your Gardens, Homes, Roads & Highways. They are manufactured according to the highest standards to give our customers the best value for their money.
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Alba Prime Industries
Alba Primes Industries is a step forward to help you give proper protection and help live a safe and happy life. Our panels have been installed in most of the household and huge electrical projects. We cater to every market to help you serve better.
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