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Mission & Values

Our Mission
To bring world class products to our customers
To provide the best possible customer service
To be the most favored company to work with
To support our stakeholders

Our Values

Customers are the reason for our existence and continuous growth. Our every decision should add value to our customers. We will always look, anticipate and meet their needs. Our endeavor shall be to create a rewarding experience, every time a customer interacts or transacts with us.

We shall make sure that the products and services we offer and the commitment we make to our stakeholders are most reliable. In all our actions, we shall be perceived as a reliable company.

At Alba, We make sure that every ALBite’s input to improvement is taken in a positive manner. The credit for success of all their endeavors is given. Every ALBite will always be the decision maker for  his responsibilities and his opinion will always be apprehended.

Being in the highly competitive environment we will always be judged by results achieved and not be content by merely good intention and sincere efforts. We should achieve our results with utmost grit and determination against all odds. Meeting a target would be the minimum expectation, beating the target should always be our endeavor.

Trust & Integrity
We shall endeavor to continuously build trust, in our dealings with all our stakeholders. We shall strive relentlessly to create faith amongst ourselves through our actions. We shall be perceived as a company with people of high integrity which should be built on a solid foundation of trust and reliability.